Always measure correctly for your mattress to fit your cot or cot bed

It is very important that you have the correct size cot mattress to fit your cot or cot bed. the important rule is that the gap between the mattress and cot sides and or ends should never be more than 4 cm when the mattress is pushed tightly to the opposing side.

The danger is of entrapment if the gap is any any larger than this, for example your baby could easily get an arm or leg trapped in the gap which could be dangerous, and potentially fatal especially in very young babies.

Most cot and cot bed manufacturers will state the mattress size needed however if you are unsure or wish to check, Firstly assemble the cot before before measuring for the mattress. Where the cot is assembled measure the interior length & the width of the cot or cot bed base base. Ideally The mattress is to be a snug fit but you will need a little for sheets etc but make sure the gap is not smaller than 4cm as stated above .

Don’t have the mattress oversize either as this may impair the use of the drop side action on a cot if it has one and you still need to dress the mattress with bedding.

Also ensure that the gap between the cot mattress and the top of the cot is deep enough to stop your child from being able to climb out. It is recommended that cot mattresses depth measured at the side should not exceed 10 cm. on British cot mattresses.

Second Hand Cot Mattresses

Are second hand cot mattresses Safe ?

If buying, buy a new mattress for a new baby if possible. It’s been shown that there is a link between the use of second-hand mattresses and cot deaths.

The link between second hand cot and cot bed mattresses and cot death is more apparent with cot mattresses that have come from another household ( for example, bought second hand or given to you second hand ). However, there is still an increased risk of cot death if you re use a mattress which was bought brand new for an older child in your own home.

It’s been suggested that bacterial infections may play a role in cot death. Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) is a type of bacteria that has been identified as a possible cause of cot death in several studies. S. aureus has been found in used mattresses but it’s not yet known whether the presence of this bacteria in used mattresses could be a direct cause of cot death.

Ideally, always buy a new cot mattress for a new baby. However, if you have to re use a mattress only do so if it meets the following criteria:

the cot mattress was made with a waterproof covering

the cot mattress cover is in good condition – no tears, splits or holes

the cot mattress is firm, doesn’t sag anywhere and fits the cot without any gaps

Be sure to clean and dry the mattress thoroughly before use.

Source : Bupa

Removable Top

The cool flow cot bed mattress features a removable quilted pillow top layer that is simply zipped off for washing at 60 degrees, a much easier option than having to remove the entire foam or sprung core from the cover in order to wash the cover.

Simply remove the top layer for washing turn the mattress over so the zip is not near the top and when washed and dried, zip back on.

The company that makes the Comfort Kids range of cot mattresses have been supplying cool flow cot bed mattresses to many high street names for many years and now give you the option to buy direct and save on all the on costs.

SIDS and Used Cot Mattresses

Babies who sleep routinley on a cot mattress that has previously used by another child may be at and increased risk of cot death.

According to a study published by researchers at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow, who believe that there may be a link between the bacteria in previousley used cot mattresses and cot deaths.

The Study of 131 cases of cot deaths which they looked at, found that around half of the babies had died on previousley used mattresses. And of this around 33% of those used mattresses had come from another home.

This four year study was published in the British Medical Journal and found that routine use of a baby’s mattress that was previously used by another child was significantly associated with an increased risk of sudden Infant death syndrome SIDS, especially if the mattress had come from another home.

These findings back up an earlier survey which was carried out by researchers at the hospital back in 1997.

Dr David Tappin a consultant paediatrician at the Yorkhill NHS Trust said : ” What we would say to parents is that the most important steps to take to reduce cot death are to put babies on their back to sleep and to stop smoking during pregnancy and keep the baby smoke-free after the birth.

“Our research is not saying there is a definite risk from used mattresses but the way of avoiding a potential risk is to use new mattresses.”

To put this into perspective and to avoid scare mongering, In the UK around 500 babies die every year from sudden Infant death syndrome. whereas there are 690000 babies born each year in the UK so the risk is 1 in 1380, having said this if a new cot mattress gives an advantage it seems an easy decision.

Dr Tappin said he was surprised by the results of their previous survey but believed it was important to bring the findings out into the public domain to allow parents to make their own choices.

Hazel Brooke the executive director of the Scottish Cot Death Trust, also commented and said that they did not want to alarm parents with the findings and added the following : “I think that the interesting thing about the mattress data is that families are desperate to do anything they can to reduce the chances of cot deaths to their babies. And we are constantly getting phone calls from parents asking if there is anything more they can do. We feel that it would be unethical to sit on this research until five years down the line when someone else has enough data to publish. We feel we must say to parents at this stage that this is a potential risk.”

Researchers on the study also looked at 278 healthy infants to make comparisons.

The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths FSID advises that it does not matter what kind of cot mattress is used, or whether it is new, as long as it is clean, firm, does not sag and shows no signs of deterioration.

The charity also pointed out that the new study does not say whether the used mattresses in the study met these criteria.

Dr Richard Wilson, FSID trustee and paediatrician, said: “Babies are safest sleeping on their backs on clean, firm, well-fitting mattresses.

Source Mail Online

Cut and Sewn Covers

Our factory has gerber fabric cutting machines and lay up tables where we lay and cut our fabrics to precise computer generated patterns, we also have our own in house sewing section which produces not only cot mattress covers but also a large number of medical and domestic mattress covers.

On our cot mattress cover production the majority of mattresses are made from a spun bonded polypropylene, plain on our basic mattresses and pinsonically quilted on our higher end of sprung and pocket sprung mattresses. these are the covers currently on our Comfort Kids range.

In development we are looking at more technical fabrics to introduce into our cot mattresses such as those fabrics which will have a cooling ability such as coolmax aimed to reduce any chance of mattress overheating.






Lamination Lines

All our sprung mattresses are assembled on our lamination lines which construct the mattress assemblies and glue them together using either our water based adhesive system and / or our hot melt adhesive system.

This means that no solvents are used on the assembly of our cot mattresses cores, which is a common method used by many smaller cot mattress manufacturers.

CNC Computer Cut

Our Foam cutting machines are all automated CNC contour cutting machines which cut our cot mattresses to very precision sizes and produce the mattress cores in bulk.

Because of this we do not cut bespoke or special size mattresses, we would rather manufacture out standard product range in bulk quantities as this will give us our optimum manufacturing output and allow us to be at a very competitive price for a high quality product.

Travel Cot Mattresses

Travel Cot Mattresses are suitable for occasional use and are often only around 5cm thick which is a suitable thickness as long as the mattress is only used now and again, the mattress cores often come in either one piece or sometimes are supplied in 2 halves which are attached with the covering fabric for ease of handling.

It is often a good Idea to get a better travel cot mattress and replace one that may have come with your travel cot, as some supplied with some travel cots are very thin, if your baby is more comfortable and the travel cot feels more like the baby’s usual cot or cot bed this will undoubtedly help to provide a more restful sleep.

Comfort Kids From The Cot Mattress Factory Shop

The Comfort Kids range of cot mattresses are supplied direct from our factory based on Oldham where we manufacture thousands of mattresses each week.

The factory produces mattresses for many different sectors such as Nursery, Healthcare and Domestic markets.

The factory does have a factory shop where selected lines are sold direct to the general public the opening hours are 9.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

Comfortex Ltd (Mattress Factory Shop) Anchor Works , Rochdale Road , Oldham , OL1 2HP

117 x 54 Cot Mattress

The size 117 x 54 cm is another very common cot mattress size and is a size mostly used for cots only whereas the other 2 common sizes of 120 x 60cm and 140 x 70cm are used more on cotbeds.

This size is often called 46 x 21″ by cot manufacturers and distributors who still use the old imperial sizes.

The vast majority of cot mattresses 117 x 54cm are made from solid foam and not many are made in the higher quality sprung or pocket sprung variants.