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140 x 70 Cot Mattress 10cm Sprung

Cot beds and cots that use a 140 x 70 cot mattress

The 140 x 70 cot mattress is most common size in cot mattresses it is used for the majority of cot beds and junior beds sold in the UK as this size is used on the larger cot bed sizes your little one may well use this mattress up until the age of 5 so it is worth buying a substantial mattress to suit, a thin foam mattress is fine for younger babies and for occasional use, but where more prolonged usage is needed it is worth paying that little bit more for a mattress that is more robust such as one which features a steel spring interior.


The high quality 140 x 70 cot mattress mini bonnell spring unit is made the same way in which full size adult mattresses are made, however they are smaller and the gauge of the steel is less as the child’s weight which applied to the mattress is less. otherwise the spring unit would be far to firm.

Added comfort is given by fully encapsulating the spring unit in high density foam which will give a soft luxurious feel yet still having the benefit of a supportive spring unit below.

To finish the cover of the mattress has 2 sides one is quilted to add more comfort and one is plain if a slightly cooler surface is needed.