126 x 62.5 Sprung

126 x 62.5 Cot Mattress With a Mini Bonnel Spring Interior

Size 300 m&p 126 x 62.5 cot mattress

Fits a Mamas and Papas size 300 cot or cotbed , other sizes mattresses that also fit this particular sized cotbed are 126 x 62.5 and 126 x 64 and 127 x 64cm

all the sizes above although different are only a few mm different from each other and will easilt fit in the size 300 cot or cotbed which askes for a 126 x 62.5 cot mattress.

often manufacturers of cots and cot beds will make their cot mattresses a few mm different from the standard size, even if the actual cot or cot bed is standard, this is so you to buy only their cot mattress.