Pocket Sprung Cot Mattresses

How Pocket Springs Work

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Pocket springs work differently to conventional spring units as each spring act independently form each other, whereas a traditional spring unit is usually made up of interlinked springs in a wire frame, on a pocket spring unit each spring is encased in its own fabric pocket and will react individually to any pressure or weight applied to it.

The result of this is a more comfortable sleeping surface which responds to the body better and reacts better to movement and or pressure applied to the unit.

Because of these unique features this type of mattress pocket springing is used in most high end domestic mattresses and has now found its way in to the cot mattress market and here at Comfort Kids you can get a really high quality pocket spring mattress for probably much less than you would normally pay for a standard sprung cot mattress. as you will be buying from the Manufacturer and supplied direct from the factory.