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126 x 62.5 Pocket Sprung

Cot Mattress 126 x 62.5 x 10cm Pocket Sprung

Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress

The mamas and papas cots size 300 fit a cot mattress that is 126 x 62.5cm in size mattresses that are 126 x 63 and 127 x 64 are mattresses that will also fit M&P Size 300 cots and cot beds


if you are looking for the best cot mattress interior look to see if the mattress features pocket springing, for quite a while pocket springs have been used in the high end of domestic adult mattresses, and now you can find the same high quality pocket spring units used in cot mattresses, the features are a set of individual springs each fully covered a pocket of material which allow the springs to work independently of each other.

The benefits are that the mattresss will respond better to movement and allow each spring to adapt to the body’s weight and distribute the pressure applied to the mattress acordingly., this reduces pressure points and allows for a more comfortable nights sleep.