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Foam Cot Mattresses

117 x 54 Cot Mattress

The size 117 x 54 cm is another very common cot mattress size and is a size mostly used for cots only whereas the other 2 common sizes of 120 x 60cm and 140 x 70cm are used more on cotbeds.

This size is often called 46 x 21″ by cot manufacturers and distributors who still use the old imperial sizes.

The vast majority of cot mattresses 117 x 54cm are made from solid foam and not many are made in the higher quality sprung or pocket sprung variants.

120 x 60 Cot Mattress

120 x 60cm  Foam Cot Mattress

This is one of the the most common sizes in cot bed mattresses. This Mattress size is used by many manufacturers of cots and cotbeds for example all Mamas and Papas mattresses which state size 200 will have a mattress that is 120 x 60cm older models of cots and cotbeds may refer to the mattress size in inches and often round down to the nearest inch which would be 47 x 23 inches.