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Pick the right cot mattress, foam, sprung, pocket sprung or cool flow.

Sleep Safe Cot Mattresses

Coming soon to our mattress range is the revolutionary fabric “Sleep Safe” which features an anti microbial bugshield agent, this fabric will be used as an option on our Cool Flow swap top range of cot mattresses.

Whilst still undergoing trials and product development at present, we hope to bring this new mattress cover to the Comfort Kids range of cot mattresses in early 2014.

The initial sizes to be used for this mattress are in our standard cot bed sizes 120 x 60cm and 140 x 70cm which fit Mamas and Papas mattresses sizes 200 and 400 respectively.

Cot Mattresses To Fit Mamas And Papas

Mamas and Papas cots have 3 mattress sizes which are reffered to as sim200 sim300 and sim400 or also as size 200 size 300 and size 400.

The mattresses that fit these sizes are

  • Size 200 120 x 60cm
  • Size 300 126 x 62½cm
  • Size 400 139 x 69cm

The main mattress size being 139 x 69cm which is only 10mm different than the standard size cot bed mattress which is 140 x 70cm which fits perfectly in mamas and papas cots and cot beds.

The sizes below will fit well into a Mamas & Papas cot or cotbed Size 400 and are common cot bed mattress sizes

  • 140 x 70cm
  • 140 x 69cm
  • 139 x 70cm
  • 139 x 69cm

The sizes below will fit well into a Mamas & Papas cot or cotbed Size 300 and are common cot mattress sizes

  • 126 x 62.5cm
  • 126 x 63cm
  • 126 x 64cm
  • 127 x 64cm

The Standard is that a mattress should fit snug into the base of the cot or cotbed but not be too tight as to cause the cot side to jam, or be too tight to fit sheets easily, if yoy push the mattress to one side of the cot bed the gap should be no more than 4cm as a rule, the same for the head and foot end if you push the mattress up to the head end of the cot the gap at the foot end again should be no more than 4cm.



Always measure correctly for your mattress to fit your cot or cot bed

It is very important that you have the correct size cot mattress to fit your cot or cot bed. the important rule is that the gap between the mattress and cot sides and or ends should never be more than 4 cm when the mattress is pushed tightly to the opposing side.

The danger is of entrapment if the gap is any any larger than this, for example your baby could easily get an arm or leg trapped in the gap which could be dangerous, and potentially fatal especially in very young babies.

Most cot and cot bed manufacturers will state the mattress size needed however if you are unsure or wish to check, Firstly assemble the cot before before measuring for the mattress. Where the cot is assembled measure the interior length & the width of the cot or cot bed base base. Ideally The mattress is to be a snug fit but you will need a little for sheets etc but make sure the gap is not smaller than 4cm as stated above .

Don’t have the mattress oversize either as this may impair the use of the drop side action on a cot if it has one and you still need to dress the mattress with bedding.

Also ensure that the gap between the cot mattress and the top of the cot is deep enough to stop your child from being able to climb out. It is recommended that cot mattresses depth measured at the side should not exceed 10 cm. on British cot mattresses.


Cleaning for Your Cot Mattress

Caring for your new cot mattress will ensure that it lasts its full lifespan and that it is safe at all times for your baby to play and sleep on. All our mattresses have fabric covers, both the classic and the quilted. We recommend that you wash these by hand with a mild non-biological detergent at 60 degrees. Make sure you rinse thoroughly. Always pull to shape when damp and leave to dry out completely. Never use the cover for your baby if it is still damp.

These types of covers can also be washed in a washing machine at a maximum of 60 degrees using a non-biological detergent. We recommend setting the washing machine on a slow spin. The cover should be left to dry fully – pulled to shape when damp and always dry completely before using.

If you want to wash out minor dirty patches, you may spot clean with warm water and non-biological detergent.

Rushed off your feet while washing bedding? We have extra covers available for all our baby mattresses in both our classic and quilted material. Just use the dropdown menus on our website or ask if you phone up.

Always remember that you must turn your mattress regularly to prevent uneven wear. Keep the mattress as clean as possible at all times to ensure your baby is sleeping is the safest, cleanest place possible.

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