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Coolflow Cot Mattresses

What is a Coolmax Cot Mattress

What is Coolmax?

Coolmax fabric is a temparature sensitive and adaptive fabric that has been designed to wick away heat if the surface of the fabric becomes too hot

By using a cot mattress  witha CoolMax® cover or with a CoolMax® removable top pad as on our Coolmax Pillow Top cot mattress, this will help to solve the problem of heat build-up, A very common complaint with domestic memory foam mattresses and also to a lesser extent on cot and cot bed mattresses with a foam surface. CoolMax® fabric whisks away moisture as well as or maybe even better than any natural fibres found in organic materials such as cotton. This allows your body to regulate its tempurature.

The end result, a better more restful sleep for your baby ( and so you also ).

CoolMax® : a unique cot mattress cover to give you a cool and more comfortable nights sleep.

A CoolMax cot mattress offers you a cleaner and healthier sleep environment thanks to its hypo allergenic and its anti microbial properties. The Comfort Kids CoolMax® pilloe top cover is easy zipped off to remove and can be machine-washed.

Coolmax Cot Mattresses

Soon to be introduced to the Comfort Kids range of mattresses is the Pillow Top Coolmax Mattress.

This will feature our cool flow mattress base with a zip off removable top layer featuring a coolmax top layer, we are aiming to introduce this new product to the range in early 2013.

By the addition of a coolmax top layer you get comfort and a temperature adaptive surface to help regulate the mattress and stop overheating. This mattress will also feature our top of the range pocket spring interior.

This type of mattress is usually well over the £100 pound mark but we are hoping to introduce this mattress at a special offer price of £79.99

Keep checking back in early 2013 to see when this product becomes avaliable.


Removable Top

The cool flow cot bed mattress features a removable quilted pillow top layer that is simply zipped off for washing at 60 degrees, a much easier option than having to remove the entire foam or sprung core from the cover in order to wash the cover.

Simply remove the top layer for washing turn the mattress over so the zip is not near the top and when washed and dried, zip back on.

The company that makes the Comfort Kids range of cot mattresses have been supplying cool flow cot bed mattresses to many high street names for many years and now give you the option to buy direct and save on all the on costs.

Cool Flow Mattress

The Coolflow Mattress, designed with a removable top , so you no longer have to remove the cover from your mattress to wash it, you can simply take off the top quilted layer for washing.

The Cool Flow Change Top mattress can be purchased with extra top covers if requires allowubf you to have a top cover on whilst the other one is being washed.