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What is a Coolmax Cot Mattress

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What is Coolmax?

Coolmax fabric is a temparature sensitive and adaptive fabric that has been designed to wick away heat if the surface of the fabric becomes too hot

By using a cot mattress  witha CoolMax® cover or with a CoolMax® removable top pad as on our Coolmax Pillow Top cot mattress, this will help to solve the problem of heat build-up, A very common complaint with domestic memory foam mattresses and also to a lesser extent on cot and cot bed mattresses with a foam surface. CoolMax® fabric whisks away moisture as well as or maybe even better than any natural fibres found in organic materials such as cotton. This allows your body to regulate its tempurature.

The end result, a better more restful sleep for your baby ( and so you also ).

CoolMax® : a unique cot mattress cover to give you a cool and more comfortable nights sleep.

A CoolMax cot mattress offers you a cleaner and healthier sleep environment thanks to its hypo allergenic and its anti microbial properties. The Comfort Kids CoolMax® pilloe top cover is easy zipped off to remove and can be machine-washed.