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Five Tips on using the second-hand market as a new parent

Times are hard for many people at the minute and this is particularly the case for new parents. A new baby brings with it the need for many new items in the home, some expensive, and parents are being left with some difficult decisions to make. In this article, we look at ten simple tips on how to equip your home for your new baby, by using the second hand market to good measure and recycling many items, by looking at what items to use and not to use, second hand.

1. Baby clothes & shoes

Many parents of newborn children find they are offered a vast amount of clothes from friends and family, but is it ok to accept them? Of course! Many babies grow so quickly and have so many clothes that many outfits are only worn once or twice, if at all. Provided they have been washed and stored carefully, this can be a brilliant way to build up a fantastic wardrobe for your newborn for the first year of their life, at no cost whatsoever. Another good tip is to use auction sites like Ebay to pick up second hand clothing, often designer labels, at a fraction of the high street price. You may not want to use any clothes that are obviously damaged or stained, but the rest will be fine for your baby to wear, although for extra peace of mind, you can opt to wash them in your machine beforehand.

2. Cot and Mattress

Provided that the cot is in good condition, is sturdy and rigid and all the moving parts work well without problems, then a second hand cot is absolutely fine for a baby. The mattress however is a different matter. The UK government suggests that all new babies not only have a new cot mattress, but that it is regularly updated as they grow. Companies like The Mattress Factory are ideal as they create bespoke mattresses for babies to any size, delivered quickly at the cheapest prices in the UK.

3. Buggies and strollers

Provided the stroller you have acquired has the British kite mark, then a second hand buggy or stroller should be fine for your child to use. It is a good idea to ask for a demonstration on how to fold up and erect the stroller from the original user as there can be a knack to doing this. Also check the seating and straps that hold in your baby for wear and tear, spillages and whatnot and you can give these a clean if necessary. If you are in any doubt as to the safety of the stroller however, then do not use it.

4. Car seats

Similar to the advice for a stroller, most baby car seats are fine to use, provided that they have the British kite mark for quality. Again, it is vital you check the condition of the support, straps and cushions that hold your baby safely in and make any adjustments or improvements as necessary.

5. Baby toys, books and games

Most baby toys, books and games are absolutely fine to use second hand, provided that they have not been damaged, or are dirty. Give each toy a thorough check to ensure it is safe and undamaged (and if necessary, a good clean) before giving it to your baby to play with. Also, always ensure the toy you are giving is suitable for the age of the child, remember young children can choke and swallow small parts of a toy, so this needs to be considered carefully

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