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Buying a travel cot: what to look for

If you’ve decided that you need a travel cot, you probably still need to decide which one. You need to consider a few things before diving in head first to a baby store and buying the nicest looking travel cot. Here are a few pointers:

1. Try it out before you buy: If you’re buying a cot from a store, ask to see the cot being assembled, and then try carrying the cot through the store for a few minutes. Does it fulfil your requirements? Was it is easy to assemble? Does it look good? Is it comfortable?
2. On the Internet: If you’re buying from an online shop, email or call the sale assistants. Ask them what they think of the product, if they have used it and if so did they think it was easy to assemble and OK to carry.
3. Check the wheels: Check to see if the cot has wheels, which travel cots often do have. This will make moving the cot from room to room a lot easier and safer. Make sure they are also lockable.
4. Make a note of the measurements: Some cots may be too large or too small for your needs. Pay attention to the dimensions to make sure it will fit in the room or to make sure its not too small for your baby.
5. Travel cots can double up as a playpen: If you would like this to be the case, the baby would prefer four mesh sides rather than two, so keep that in mind.
6. Extra features: many travel cots have extra features. Make sure you know all the details before buying and try to get the best buy for your money.
7. Cleaning: Make sure the travel cot can be cleaned easily – can you remove the mattress and sheets? Can it be wiped down easily?
8. Check the type of travel cot mattress you need: If the travelc to is an unusual shape or has rare dimensions, make sure you can find a custom made mattress for it.

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