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a baby’s first sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are popular with parents to cloth your baby in for nap times along with a good quality cot mattress. The baby can’t kick them off so they are less likely to wake up because they’re cold. You can now buy sleeping bags for newborn babies however most people start using them when the baby is at least a few weeks or months old. Using a sleeping bag also means you’ll need less bottom sheets for the cot. If the room is quite cold, you can place a blanket or sheet over the sleeping bag to keep the draft out.

There are several extra safety guidelines if you’re using a sleeping bag for your baby. The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) recommends baby sleeping bags that do not have a hood and that fit around correctly the neck. This ensures that your baby won’t slip down the bag while asleep. They also advise never to use a sleeping bag with a quilt, duvet or thick blanket as this will make your baby far too hot.

Some quick tips would be to choose a sleeping bag that’s suitable for the current season. A low tog one for summer (from 0.5 to 1) and no more than a 2.5 tog for the colder months. Anything higher than this is likely to make your baby much too hot, even in winter. If your baby is ever feeling too hot or sweaty you must remove some of the bedding. However, hands or feet may feel cold which is quite normal.

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