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Getting Your Baby To Sleep Properly

Sleep routines and getting a your baby to sleep properly – what the experts say

Ever had the problem of getting a baby to sleep well? At The Mattress Factory, we know it can be tough to get that sleeping routine sorted early. But we have been looking into what the experts say are the best methods. Here’s some tips and advice they give:-

Dr. Richard Ferber, the director for The Center for Pediatric Sleep Disorders developed the Ferber method, which is also known as the “Cry It Out” (CIO) method, or the “Ferbirization” method[a].

He suggests that you should gradually prepare your baby for sleep by putting them into bed and leaving the room, then returning at regular intervals to comfort him/her (not pick them up) until the baby is asleep. Each time you return, it would be after a slightly longer time, until the baby is asleep. This could be carried on for a number of nights until your baby learns to sleep on his/her own, and is in a regular routine.

For example, the first night could be after 3 minutes, then 5 minutes, then 8. Then the next night could be 10 minutes, the third night 20, and so on.

Danah Obleman, an Infant & Child Sleep Specialist, devised “The Sleep Sense Program”, about which you can find more information on her website

She suggests that a baby with a healthy sleeping pattern has a healthier lifestyle overall. Her customized sleeping guides (which can be sent to you after contacting them) offer a step-by-step on how to get your baby settled into a regular pattern. The plan also allows you to measure how the routine is progressing over time.

Some recommend that if you teach the baby the difference between night and day, it will help them to settle much easier. For example, talk and play with them during the day, and at night be more quite and calm[b]. By doing this, your baby will gradually learn when she/he should sleep. And it will be much easier if they do not switch suddenly from play to sleep.

It is also recommended that a bath before bedtime helps to relax your baby. The Johnson’s Baby “3 Easy Steps” Guide[c] suggests that following a bath you should give your baby a massage, and then quietly settle your baby to sleep. The website also features a helpful video guide.

It is also suggested that a comfortable mattress means your baby gets a better night’s sleep. So be sure to check out our great quality baby mattresses at unbeatably low prices!

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