Second Hand Cot Mattresses

Are second hand cot mattresses Safe ?

If buying, buy a new mattress for a new baby if possible. It’s been shown that there is a link between the use of second-hand mattresses and cot deaths.

The link between second hand cot and cot bed mattresses and cot death is more apparent with cot mattresses that have come from another household ( for example, bought second hand or given to you second hand ). However, there is still an increased risk of cot death if you re use a mattress which was bought brand new for an older child in your own home.

It’s been suggested that bacterial infections may play a role in cot death. Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) is a type of bacteria that has been identified as a possible cause of cot death in several studies. S. aureus has been found in used mattresses but it’s not yet known whether the presence of this bacteria in used mattresses could be a direct cause of cot death.

Ideally, always buy a new cot mattress for a new baby. However, if you have to re use a mattress only do so if it meets the following criteria:

the cot mattress was made with a waterproof covering

the cot mattress cover is in good condition – no tears, splits or holes

the cot mattress is firm, doesn’t sag anywhere and fits the cot without any gaps

Be sure to clean and dry the mattress thoroughly before use.

Source : Bupa

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