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Top Ten things to do when you receive a second-hand cot

With family budgets under increasing pressure in these times of austerity, more and more people are finding they are having to rely upon hand-me-downs from relatives, or second-hand goods in order to make ends meet. In this article, we look at ten simple tips that will allow prospective parents turn a second-hand cot into a vibrant, clean and safe place for your baby to sleep!

1. Check that the cot is safe

Obviously the first thing to check is that the cot is safe. Ensure that there are no slats missing and there are no exposed screw heads, splintered wood etc that could potentially injure an infant.

2. Check the structure of the cot is sound

Another thing to check is the structure of the cot. The cot should be rigid and not wobble and any moveable parts should do so easily and safely.

3. Make any small repairs necessary

Even if your cot has a few small problems, many can be easily fixed by a little elbow grease. If you have the skills to make the repairs, then do so, if not ask someone who can for their help to make sure the cot is safe for your baby.

4. Thoroughly clean the woodwork

Once the cot is sound structurally, give the entire cot a complete clean. Don’t use strong detergent. A pack of baby wipes is often more than adequate to clean the cot thoroughly.

5. If your nursery has a theme, decorate the cot accordingly

If you have chosen a theme for your nursery, then decorate your cot accordingly. Buy some cheap stickers to decorate the cot and give it a real lift, making it fit in beautifully with your chosen look.

6. Buy a new cot mattress to replace the old one

While cleaning and decorating the frame of a cot is easy, it is not so easy to clean a mattress. Therefore, while the cot may be second-hand, your baby’s mattress should not be. A brand new cot mattress is important for the safety, comfort and health of your baby and the government recommends that each new baby should have a new mattress. Companies like The Mattress Factory offer the highest quality mattresses at the cheapest prices in the UK!

7. Add a cot tidy for practicality

Babies come with a lot of paraphernalia and it is very easy for a cot to become filled with hundreds of toys, soft books, blankets, mobiles and more. A cot tidy is a great purchase as it gives all these additional items a place to be safely stored, keeping your cot a simple, comfortable space for your baby.

8. Add your themed bedding/toys

Now the cot is ready, it is time to add the finishing touches. Add a few well selected items to the cot, such as themed bedding and toys for baby and your second hand cot will now look like it is brand, spanking new!

9. Think carefully about where you want to place the cot in your nursery

Now the cot is ready for baby, you need to find the perfect place for it. Find a location that is not too hot, or too cold. Try to keep it away from radiators and windows and have the cot in a position which makes life easy for you when you come into the room to check on your baby.

10. When baby arrives, periodically check the condition of the cot

When your bundle of joy arrives and the cot is put to use, it is a sensible idea to check the cot periodically to ensure that it is still in sound condition. Second-hand cots will have more wear and tear, especially on moveable parts, so it is important to check these are still in good working order regularly to ensure the cot remains safe/

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