Packing For Labour

What to pack when preparing for labour

It’s recommended that a bag to take to the hospital when giving birth should be ready once you reach eight months of pregnancy, as you could go into labour at any time during your last month of pregnancy.

But what should you take with you? It can be a bit of a daunting task for a first-time mother.

So we have prepared a handy checklist we hope will help.

For You

A Nightgown

Toiletries (shampoo, lip-balm, moisturiser, deodorant, etc)

Comfortable, loose pyjamas



Pillow (this may make you feel more comfortable when in labour)

Stretch mark cream

Face towels

Hand-held mirror

Mobile phone & charger

Going home outfit

Personal items that will help you relax (personal mp3 player, reading book, magazines, etc)

For Your Baby



Newborn nappies

Sleep suits





Clothes to go home


ID cards

Hospital documents

Birth plan (if you have one)


Camera and batteries

Video camera with an empty cassette/CD (depending on what type of camcorder you have)

Money for vending machines

Money for parking


When your baby is first born, you will want him/her by your side all the time, and a Moses basket is ideal for this. So check out our mattresses for Moses baskets by clicking here.

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