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Top Nursery Accessories
As a future parent, you want to buy the best for your baby, and at The Mattress Factory we strive to provide products that are most comfortable, safe and enjoyable.

That’s why we have created a list of the top ten accessories to have in a nursery. They are items we think your baby will love, and we hope they will provide the comfort and luxury your baby deserves!


Floors can be quite bare and boring, especially if much of it is shown. So putting a rug there will make it colourful more homely. When the baby gets older, they can use it to play on.

Wall stickers

You can purchase as many as you want of these, and they are usually sold as packs of 20 or more. They usually have a theme to them also, and are removable, so if you are moving house, you can easily take them with you.


Come winter, it can get quite cold. Having extra blankets for cold weather are essential, especially when it concerns a young baby.

Cot tidy

A nursery can have lots of different things in it, and can get clustered as the baby gets older and needs a rocker chair or big a bigger cot! So we advise you to use a small tidy to keep all those little nick-nacks in one place. It would also make things much easier for you to keep the nursery clean!

Cushioned headrests

Making sure your baby is comfortable is a parent’s big concern. Try placing headrests and cot bumpers around the inside of the cot, and it will provide that bit of extra softness for your baby to be snug and sound while in dream-land!

Themed furniture/bedding

It may be a good idea to invest in products that have certain characters in-printed on them. They look much for fun, and would be perfect for when your baby gets older and becomes interested in TV!

Wall mobiles

A classic baby-soother, the music-playing wall mobiles are perfect for calming down your little one so that they are ready for bed.

Audio/visual monitors

It’s impossible to be in two places at once, and when your baby is asleep in another room, you need to check up that that the baby is still sleeping safe and sound. These monitors are perfect for keeping your mind at rest, and you are informed immediately when your baby begins to stir! Latest technology has now allowed for monitors to have a video display as well.


The temperature needs to be kept at a constant warm for a baby, so using a thermometer is a handy gadget to make sure the room stays that way!

Nappy stackers

Babies can use up an alarming amount of nappies! They can take up so much room as well. So this handy sack can be used to keep them all in one handy place, without all the fuss of plastic wrappers!

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