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Benefits of a Moses basket

A moses basket is a great, inexpensive addition to your nursery. Named after the Biblical character Moses who as a baby was hidden in a basket, they provide an alternative sleeping area and position for your baby that can be moved around safely and easily.

A moses basket, sometimes referred to as a bassinette, is specifically designed for babies from new-born to about four months. They are small in size and so are perfect to provide a type of enclosed bed or “cocoon” which the baby will find comforting.

These types of baby furniture are often used on airlines for adults travelling with very young babies. They are ideal for moving around as they are lightweight and small. On an aircraft, they can be attached to a bulkhead for safety or sat on a parents’ lap during the flight.

The level of comfort your baby experiences while in a moses basket is mostly dependent on the type of moses basket mattress. Research has shown that a firm baby mattress provides the best type of posture and highest level of comfort for the baby. You can also buy covers, sheets and bedding specifically for moses baskets.

Moses baskets allow babies to be transported from place to place safely, ensuring they are always close to their mother or father. At home they can be rested on a moses basket stand or surface to make it easier for the parents to access the baby. There are also wheeled frames available to convert a moses basket into a pram.

Once a baby is able to move more on their own, such as kicking their legs, moving their arms a lot and rolling around, it is unsafe to keep using a moses basket as they are able to roll themselves out of it. This is when they would be moved to a crib, cot or cot bed.

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