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Buying a baby mattress: Where to find reviews of different mattresses

If you’re shopping around for a baby mattress you probably already know there are hundreds to choose from. So how are you supposed to make an informed decision without knowing the differences between all the mattress types?

The main thing to look out for is the type of material the mattress is made from. Basic foam cot mattresses are relatively inexpensive, so make sure you do not pay too much. The smaller mattresses, unless specifically stated, also tend to be quite thin, often only one or two inches deep. If you need a thicker mattress, make sure you know the depth before you buy. Thin mattresses will wear out quicker and are generally less comfortable for your baby to sleep on long term; however they are fine for irregular use.

Once you have narrowed down the mattresses you want to buy, you can directly compare the material, size, quality and price of each. You can also use customer reviews as a great way to compare mattresses. One of the best ways of finding product opinions is parent and baby forums on the Internet. If you do a quick search, you’ll easily be able to find parents and previous customers discussing specific products or even a conversation that will sum up your research nicely – maybe you’ll find a group discussing the best mattress you can buy for your money.

Another great way of finding reviews is to find the product you’re considering on an online store. Online stores often have customer reviews or comments on each product and often even a star rating. You can use this to back up your research and make a further informed decision.

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