FSID Cot Mattress Guidelines

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FSID is (The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths) and  is the UK’s leading baby charity aiming to prevent unexpected deaths in infancy and also to promote infant health. FSID fulfils these aims by the following :

  • By funding research
  • By supporting families whose babies have died suddenly and unexpectedly.
  • By disseminating information on infant health, baby care and sudden infant deaths to health professionals and the general public
  • By working with professionals to improve investigations when a baby dies

The services offered by FSID also includes the following :

  • Having a Helpline for parents, carers and health professionals and bereaved families
  • Providing a wide range of publications and resources on reducing the risk of cot death and safe baby care
  • Access to a network of trained befrienders to support bereaved families
  • Promoting a busy programme of training, events and Family Days Out throughout the UK
  • The Care of Next Infant (CONI) Scheme, with the NHS, to support bereaved families when they have subsequent babies.

FSID as an organisation operates throughout all of the UK, witha presence in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.  As well as the staff team in head office there are eight Regional Development Officers who actively promote all the  FSID’s campaigns across the UK.

To visit the FSID Official Website

To Download the FSID Guidelines in PDF Format click this Link FSID-Guidelines.pdf