Duvets and Pillows

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Baby duvets and pillows

When you have fitted sheets and thinner blankets it may seem you don’t need any extra bedding such as duvets or pillows for your baby. However, once your baby has reached a year old, it is recommended that you use duvets instead of layers of sheets. Duvets and quilts are available in a variety of fillings and materials including anti-allergenic ranges. When buying a quilt ensure that it is made of 100% cotton and always have a spare one at hand for when one needs washing.

A duvet is likely to help your baby get used to the idea of a junior or adult bed before they need to make the move. This can be helpful as this transition can create sleeping problems for all involved. Duvets also make the bed easier to clean as there’s no need to remove multiple sheets.

However, you can also argue that a duvet or quilt really isn’t needed. If you have plenty of sheets for the colder nights and spare ones for the wash, then you should be fine until your baby is ready to move out of the cot and into a junior or adult bed. Remember that if you buy a sprung cot bed mattress it will last until your baby is 5-6 years old.

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