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Cot vs. cot bed: pros and cons

Deciding on your baby’s first bed can be tricky – should you buy a cot or a cot bed? First you must understand the main differences between the two. A cot is generally used from birth to about three years old, and so is a good investment with regards to most of your baby’s furniture. They are often made small enough to fit into a reasonably sized bedroom however they may need to go in the baby’s room. The place depends on whether you mind going to the nursery in the middle of the night for feeding, or whether you would rather the baby slept in your room.

A cot bed is similar to a cot but can usually be converted into a junior bed or can be used as a junior bed up until the baby is five to six years old. This is a great investment if you can make it when your baby first arrives as it saves on potentially three generations of furniture. Make sure to pick a nice neutral style if you plan on redecorating the room in those first six years. A plain dark or light wood would be fine for any coloured room or nursery.

You would have to have a relatively large bedroom to fit a cot bed in too; however this again would be the ideal solution for midnight feeding.

If your new born starts sleeping in a cot from the time they are born, they will need to be positioned in the highest base position which will need to be lowered as the baby grows.

Ensure the cot or cot bed you choose has drop side, lockable end castors, teething rails and an adjustable mattress height base. This will ensure that you can customise the positioning and height of the furniture as your child grows, extending the life of the furniture and saving you money.

Remember always to position your baby in the ‘feet to foot’ position, on their back, with any bedding or sheets tucked in at the sides. Make sure the covers are no higher than their shoulders. Try to maintain a room temperature of 18c at all times. For the highest safety conditions, buy a good quality cot bed mattress.

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