Baby Comforts

Baby Comforts

Often, and we did this, the baby comforter can sleep with Mom so that the comforter picks up the smells baby is used to. Our little one, reaches out for his when we put him in the cot straight away and is sitting up with it in the morning giving it a cuddle so its one of the more important things we have bought (along with a great sprung mattress of course!)

A comforter is typically soft and cuddliness will provide the comfort a baby needs. Think of a comforter as a best friend for them, or even just a sleeping buddy. And if you’re using a comforter, it should mean that your baby will be less likely to want to use other comforters such as a dummy.

Although it’s recommended that you use a comforter primarily during bed time, they can also be used at times when your baby is in a different environment and needs the extra comfort as reassurance. When in a new place like a hospital, for example, having something that usually provides comfort for the baby will help a lot in soothing them and keeping them calm in a new and perhaps scary place. The Mattress Factory

The Mattress Factory

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