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Ten things to watch out for as your baby grows

As most parents will understand, babies grow at a rapid pace. It is just a few short months from your newborn child being entirely dependent upon you, until they are far more independent and looking to take their first steps into the big, wide world. This rapid rate of growth is most evident in the first few years of life and as a parent, it is important to watch out for the following ten items as your baby grows.

1. Physical Development

As your baby grows you should notice a clear physical development. Your baby should be able to do more for themselves and your health visitor will be able to advise you on what to look for. If you have any concerns, then do not hesitate to contact them for advice.

2. Mental Development

As well as developing physically, your child will be undergoing rapid mental development at this time. They will become aware of faces, learn to smile and start to develop their own personality and foibles. Again, your health advisor is a great resource to discuss any aspect of your child’s mental development with.

3. Clothes

It is easy to underestimate how quickly a child grows in their first few years. Check closely to see that their clothes, particularly items like shoes or sleep suits still fit. A baby that is squeezed into a pair of shoes or a tight sleep suit, will not be a happy one.

4. Solid Food

It is amazing how quickly your child will move on from milk onto different foods. Try to ensure the food you give your child is good quality. Making your own baby food from fresh vegetables and produce is best, but shop bought items can be equally as good. Solid nutrition will help your baby feel full and allow their bodies and minds to develop.

5. Routines

Sleep is important for a young child as it is restorative for them, and for you! As soon as you can, establish a routine for your child, both in terms of going to bed and also getting up in the morning. Once a healthy sleep routine is established, tiredness is much less of an issue.


The development of your baby from one who simply lies on a mat, to one that tries to turn over, to one that can turn over and then into one that crawls, is staggeringly quick. Encourage your child to learn these key skills safely when they are ready to do so.

7. Safety

At the time your child becomes more mobile, safety around the home now becomes a bigger issue. Ensure fires are guarded, breakable ornaments and other dangerous items out of reach. Once your child is mobile, they will have the freedom to explore and you need to make the environment safe for them to do so.

8. Cleanliness

As well as the environment being safe, it should also be clean. If your child plays in certain rooms a lot, try to keep the areas they use as clean as possible to avoid them picking up any nasty bugs or infections.

9. Walking

Not long after the child learns to crawl, they start to try and clamber onto their two feet. Those first few steps for a child are an exciting time, but once again it is up to the parent that the child learns these skills in a clean, safe and healthy environment, with as much encouragement as possible!

10. Sleeping

Your child will grow so quickly during their first two years and as such, their sleeping arrangements need to adjust to meet these changes. Whether it is from Moses basket to cot, or cot to first baby bed, you need to have a cot mattress that is the right fit, comfortable and durable. The government recommends every new baby has a new mattress and companies like The Mattress Factory offer superb quality mattresses for babies of all ages.

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